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Space Technology in our Every-Day Lives

Throughout history, since the inception of the space program, some people have claimed that the space program is pointless... that it's just an extremely expensive lark which bears no purpose other than fulfilling the vane dreams of the individuals involved.

I was having a completely unrelated discussion with a good friend which eventually led to me collating a list of various technologies developed for the space program which led to devices or technologies which improve our every-day lives. I thought the list was worthy of posting here separately. It's quite an an amazing array of advances. Some interesting stuff.

Space Technology in our Every-Day Lives

(everything in this list was either invented for the space program, or was invented or improved due to technologies originally created for the space program)

  • advanced lubricants
  • Tempur-Pedic mattresses
  • phase-change heat-sensitive fabrics
  • breast biopsy imaging
  • advanced radar and doppler systems
  • hurricane tracking
  • weather forecasting and climate modeling
  • computer mouses
  • cochlear implants
  • cataract detection and diagnosis
  • Alzheimer's detection
  • Nerf gliders
  • better vineyards
  • romantic match-making programs used online
  • countless computer miniaturization and power improvements
  • programmable insulin pumps
  • portable dialysis machines
  • automatic blood pressure monitors
  • lasers used in clearing blocked arteries
  • improved heart assist pumps
  • pace makers
  • robotic surgery
  • fetal heart monitors
  • spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation
  • LED's... used in watches, electronics, and cancer treatment
  • major battery improvements used in everything
  • advanced low-radiation X-Ray imaging
  • tiny scopes used in arthroscopic surgery
  • improved foams preventing bed sores
  • molds used for creating artificial limbs
  • digital image processing leading to improved telescopes, CAT scans, MRI's, improved ultrasound imagers, angiography, and digital mammography
  • infrared ear thermometers
  • skincare cosmetics
  • memory-metal technologies leading to heat-sensitive shut-off valves
  • environmentally safe sewage treatment
  • countless insulation improvements
  • various audio equipment improvements
  • sound-dampening technologies
  • natural air purifiers
  • wireless technologies for handsets, etc...
  • countless software innovations, including 3D rendering technologies
  • improved lightbulbs, including some helping those affected with macular degeneration
  • shock absorption technologies leading to better footwear
  • lighter and stronger helmets
  • Black & Decker's cordless portable vacuums
  • freeze-drying technologies
  • freeze-drying
  • vast solar energy improvements
  • collision avoidance systems for aircraft
  • cleaner-burning jet engines
  • anti-icing systems
  • aircraft cabin-pressure devices
  • improved parachute systems
  • improved pavements for runways and highways alike which are far safer
  • aerodynamic advances leading to trucks burning less fuel, meaning all products are cheaper
  • plasma displays
  • ingestible thermometers
  • improved welding
  • more powerful, efficient, and safe power plants
  • chemical, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • fire-resistant building and clothing
  • improved land mine removal techniques and technologies
  • lifeshears, used by firemen to cut accident victims out of cars and buildings
  • self-illuminating exit signs and other materials
  • invisible braces
  • artificial hip joints
  • food safety systems, detection of toxins and bacteria
  • refrigeration improvements, including glass-free refrigerated food showcases in supermarkets
  • enriched baby food
  • satellite-aided search and rescue beacons... used for hikers, mountain climbers, and ships at sea
  • flood monitoring devices
  • technologies reducing dam corrosion and improving bridge supports

Here are my source articles, which include specifics on each of the above and how they relate to the space program: [1] [2] [3] [4]
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