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Space Exploration

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“NASA: Moon Landing - Apollo 11 Descent Film and LRO Imagery” [10 Aug 2016|07:25am]


The old neighborhood hasn't changed a bit.

        Side by side view of Apollo 11's descent, showing the view out of the lunar module's window
        side by side with the broader panorama reconstructed from LRO data.

        Video Courtesy of GoneToPlaid.

853 x 480 VideoCollapse )

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“Guardians” [28 Jul 2016|02:22pm]


They slipped the surly bonds of Earth, and touched the face of God…

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Leslie Fish & Vic Tyler, “Guardians”

© All Rights Reserved

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Thirty Years On:  President Ronald Reagan, Address on the Challenger Disaster [30 May 2016|11:23am]


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        “The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which
        they lived their lives.  We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw
        them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye
        and 'slipped the surly bonds of earth' to 'touch the face of God.'”

        President R Reagan, 28 January 1986 - speech by Peggy Noonan

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Meteorites over Russia [14 Feb 2013|11:54pm]

Holy cow, I'm checking out the pictures and video being posted of the meteor that blew up over Chelyabinsk (I hope I spelled that right). "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait has compiled a bunch of good stuff.

Are there any Russians in this community who saw it?
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From the Globe and Mail re: the International Space Station [13 Mar 2013|06:13am]

Infographics fun!

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RIP Neil Armstrong [25 Aug 2012|11:39pm]

Very sad to hear the news about Neil Armstrong.  His 'one small step' remains one of the most amazing achievements of the human race so far.
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“Man Conquers Space” [27 Mar 2012|03:56am]


“July 20, 1948 - the National Council on Astronautics, or NCA, has been brought into being.

Promo Video

“For the eyes of the entire world now look into space - to the realms of low and high Earth orbit, to the Moon, to Mars and the other planets - and to the stars beyond.

“And we have determined that we shall not see any of it governed by the hostile flag of a repressive regime, but by a flag of freedom, peace, and of boundless enterprise born of exploration for the sake of all mankind…”

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[21 Mar 2012|07:56pm]

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A reflection [21 Jul 2011|06:09am]

I watched the space shuttle Columbia launch on a TV in my second grade classroom, in 1981.

I watched the final landing just now, in 2011, at work on my "smartphone".

Posted via LjBeetle
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RIP: Spirit [24 May 2011|09:31pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Just got the word via a friend elsewhere:


Thank you for everything, Spirit. May we find a way to repay our debt in proper fashion, and sooner than later...

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Dancing on the Moon [17 May 2011|10:50am]


Can someone tell me why NASA is not exploring the possibility of telepresence on the Moon? They're going through all this fol-de-rol of “Returning to the Moon,” with scarcely any better reason than the first time, and it's probably never going to happen - not by NASA - but look at this.

VideoCollapse )

I don't think even the Russians have a pressure suit this flexible. It sure beats anything ol' Neil & Buzz could do! And you're standing in your motion-sensor harness back on Earth. So what if there's a 2.5 second delay between initiating a motion and seeing the result? What would you do fast? There could be 'walk' subroutines in the droid, where you indicate where you want to go and it walks you there.

Wouldn't you like to see even a stereo periscope view of actually standing on the Moon? Look around, walk around, do things. No life support requirements, your equipment size-reduced and thus cheaper to send, and if you fall off a cliff somewhere - oh, well, activate another droid.

It is technically feasible, and I don't understand why NASA isn't exploring the concept.

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A musing on the shuttle delay. [08 May 2011|02:16pm]

I'm as bummed as anyone about the delay in the launch of the shuttle, but in a way it's verifying exactly why the program needs to be scrapped.  The shuttle is a finicky vehicle, prone to trouble.  I can't find any statistics on it, but how many launches ended up delayed for one reason or another due to mechanical issues? Mark my words - the final shuttle flight will probably be delayed too.

I hate losing the ability for NASA to get astronauts into orbit - but the method we have been using has been spotty and expensive - and we've lost 14 astronauts in the process.  I'm anxious for this whole shuttle program to be over so NASA can finally concentrate all those resources elsewhere.  We are being held back in our exploration of the universe by the first 100 miles.

I'm impressed with Virgin Galactic's system.   Yes, it's only for tourists and only goes up so far - but it's promising. I hope NASA is paying attention.
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Back On Track [04 Apr 2011|10:43am]

Dear Space enthusiasts!

Despite the setbacks, Kiev Space Night will indeed take place!

Stay tuned for venue info and other details!
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Kind of lost in the depths of the tsunami coverage: [14 Mar 2011|03:18pm]

Worker falls to his death at Kennedy Space Center, NASA says
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See, if you're not COOL [14 Mar 2011|01:10pm]


- then Congress tapers your budget down to zip by the mid-1970s.

Whereas, if THIS was how America had gone to the Moon -

Click for Larger Image

Y' know? Dang.

Yet there's hope; this appears to be The Shape of Things to Come, when in the coming centuries the frozen-over, airless Earth has become a new moon of Saturn!

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Несколько новостей о воздухоплавательной программе "Восток"! [03 Mar 2011|01:42pm]


1. Открыт раздел Воздухоплавательной программы "Восток" на официальном сайте Русского Воздухоплавательного Общества - http://www.pbo.ru/?id_menu=1&id_menu_item=50.
Адрес этого раздела, несмотря на свой несколько сложный вид, является постоянным и может быть использован для ссылок!

2. Появился почтовый ящик vostokballoon@gmail.com.

3. Открытая галерея программы "Восток" в веб-альбомах Picasa находится по адресу - https://picasaweb.google.com/102944231656547093376.
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Shuttle Discovery launch as seen from an airplane!!! [27 Feb 2011|11:46am]

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MESSENGER to Mercury [26 Feb 2011|09:15pm]

[ mood | jazzed ]

We read you loud and clear, although it's not what was expected.
Hey, when it comes to space, and stuff humankind thinks it knows...when isn't it?

read articleCollapse )

There is another interesting article in this month's Scientific America, that includes detailed images of the craft and phenominas. I suspect great interest in Mercury based on the numerous discoveries of solar systems with planets as close, or closer, to the sun than our own fire child (despite the new oddities often being as big, or biiger, than Jupiter) -- as these worlds are the easiest to spot with current techniques and from such vast distances.
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Lava oceans, ahoy! [20 Feb 2011|03:30am]

Scientists pleasantly surprised by number of Earth-size, distant planets

I have a gripe.

"The planet Kepler-10b, shown in the photo above, is a particularly interesting find because it likely has no atmosphere, but does have liquid oceans that are essentially lava lakes, she said."

Um.  Got pictures of those lava lakes?  Proof of volcanic activity?  I mean - if they can tell this about a planet 1000 light years away, we don't really need to send any more probes out in our own solar system.  Pluto's only 5 light hours away, after all! 

Not to say that there aren't any lava oceans there, but we don't really have any lava oceans in our own solar system, either.  Heck, people thought there would be rivers of molten metal on Mercury, and there weren't.  With all the data we have and can get from 1000 light years away you could say a planet has cotton candy trees and who'd know the difference!  (May free up more funding for the space program, though!  We'd get the carnival lobby and the circus lobby to help!)

I'll give you that maybe the scientist is being quoted out of context, though.  I sure hope so.
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Teaching From Space Seeks Educators to Defy Gravity [10 Feb 2011|09:17am]

Teaching From Space, a NASA Education office, in partnership with the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program announces the opportunity for educators across the country to conduct research in a unique reduced-gravity environment. For the first time, this incredible opportunity is open to any current K-12 classroom teacher in the U.S. Participants must also be U.S. citizens.

This experience will enable selected educator teams to propose, design and fabricate an experiment and subsequently test and evaluate the experiment onboard the reduced gravity aircraft.

For more information, including deadlines and proposal information, please visit http://microgravityuniversity.jsc.nasa.gov/tfs or send an e-mail to jsc-rgeducator@mail.nasa.gov.
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