Gordon (baron_waste) wrote in spacexploration,

Dancing on the Moon

Can someone tell me why NASA is not exploring the possibility of telepresence on the Moon? They're going through all this fol-de-rol of “Returning to the Moon,” with scarcely any better reason than the first time, and it's probably never going to happen - not by NASA - but look at this.

I don't think even the Russians have a pressure suit this flexible. It sure beats anything ol' Neil & Buzz could do! And you're standing in your motion-sensor harness back on Earth. So what if there's a 2.5 second delay between initiating a motion and seeing the result? What would you do fast? There could be 'walk' subroutines in the droid, where you indicate where you want to go and it walks you there.

Wouldn't you like to see even a stereo periscope view of actually standing on the Moon? Look around, walk around, do things. No life support requirements, your equipment size-reduced and thus cheaper to send, and if you fall off a cliff somewhere - oh, well, activate another droid.

It is technically feasible, and I don't understand why NASA isn't exploring the concept.

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