Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in spacexploration,
Rufus Honker IV

Lava oceans, ahoy!

Scientists pleasantly surprised by number of Earth-size, distant planets

I have a gripe.

"The planet Kepler-10b, shown in the photo above, is a particularly interesting find because it likely has no atmosphere, but does have liquid oceans that are essentially lava lakes, she said."

Um.  Got pictures of those lava lakes?  Proof of volcanic activity?  I mean - if they can tell this about a planet 1000 light years away, we don't really need to send any more probes out in our own solar system.  Pluto's only 5 light hours away, after all! 

Not to say that there aren't any lava oceans there, but we don't really have any lava oceans in our own solar system, either.  Heck, people thought there would be rivers of molten metal on Mercury, and there weren't.  With all the data we have and can get from 1000 light years away you could say a planet has cotton candy trees and who'd know the difference!  (May free up more funding for the space program, though!  We'd get the carnival lobby and the circus lobby to help!)

I'll give you that maybe the scientist is being quoted out of context, though.  I sure hope so.
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